Advertise your Daycare Online for Free

Success of your daycare besides offering a well-built curriculum and great caregiving also requires a strong marketing plan. Even though a caregivers main duty is not to do marketing nevertheless building a strong online presence is a crucial step that needs to be taken to complete the success of your education program. There are several ways you can grow your daycare business and you don’t even need to invest lots of money. You can increase your enrollment simply by using free marketing tools which are available on the Internet. These tools are a great opportunity to advertise and promote your childcare online.

Here are some free tools that you can use to reach potential parents and guardians and to better market your brand in the education industry.

Parent Testimonials on your Child Care's Yelp page

You can create a Yelp account for your daycare business and with this account you will be able to share information of your childcare with potential parents who are looking for a daycare for their children. Parents of the students who are already enrolled in your daycare can share their opinions and make comments regarding your services. You can also use Yelp to share photos from your childcare. By using social platforms such as Yelp you can help improve interest towards your daycare because Yelp is preferred amongst many people who are in search of a certain places such as childcares.

Manta for listing your daycares legal contact info

This can also give you a great opportunity to be listed online amongst other small business owners as well as other child care centers, daycares and preschools. You can promote your child care by having your school's name listed in this directory just by creating an account without even giving much effort and not having to spend money. Your school's contact information as well as the name of the director or owner and if available your website will be shown giving your childcare much more visibility. The more they are to read and find information about your daycare such as years of operation or revenue the more they are going to feel comfortable in trusting your child care.

Yellow Pages

This has been one of the oldest free business directories in which you can list your daycare so potential parents and guardians can easily find you. Yellow pages will also be a marketing tool which you can use to help increase your preschool’s visibility as well as giving you another chance to effect your preschool's rankings in search engine results.

Your Daycare location on Google Maps & Search Results

Google, one of the biggest search engines in the world offers amazing tools such as "Google Maps" , "Google Plus" and "Google My Business". I highly recommend you to take advantages of what Google has to offer to business like yours. You can improve your Google search results by paying attention to a few things. For example parents in search for a childcare will be using Google Maps to locate daycares near their homes and so they will use Google Maps and they will use keywords such as "daycares in Los Angeles." This means that you need to make sure to put your preschool's address on Google maps. When keywords are searched on Google and parents are looking at their search results your daycare will easily show up and how? simply because your contact information is visible in Goolge Maps and so they will be able to see your daycares address, phone number, website information and will be able to contact you. Google also offers "Google Plus" which is Google's own social networking platform and "Google My Business" by having all these tools your childcare's search result rankings will greatly be affected well not just because they belong to Google but because Google all of these tools will help increase the performance of your rankings in Google results and therefore Google will start to recognize your daycare's presence .

Bing and Yahoo local listings

These are other major search engines besides Google, which you can use to be listed for free as well. Although Google might be the most used search engine there is no harm in being listed in other local listings because the more you are out in the internet world and advertising your daycare the stronger you are going to build your online presence.

Share updates with Parents via Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are the top social networking accounts which are very popular and are being used by millions around the globe. You can build a strong bridge between these social accounts and parents because you can share your schools updates, news, photos etc. and this will definitely have great impact for your preschool business especially for your childcare branding. Not only should you use these networking tools to to communicate with current and potential parents but you should also make sure to share the links of these social accounts on your daycare’s website. Google for example pays a lot of attention to Facebook and Twitter and due to these platforms allowing you to create your content, you can benefit from updating your content frequently because search engines love freshness and you can be ranked much more higher.

Blog and share your tips with parents

Having a blog is a terrific way to drive potential parents. You can start your own daycare blog this can be a source of communication with new families as they can read your tips and share your links. You can also use a this opportunity and find other education blogs in which you can comment under posts. You can also try to attract people to read your blogs or you can leave your website address under these posts because link building is very very important for search engines and thereby for your online presence.