How can I start my own home daycare?

Is the location of my daycare important?

Having an in home daycare means that you will be sharing your own family home with children other than your own. Also means that your spouse and own children will be sharing their own space too. A home big enough for running your business is suitable for opening your new child care. When it comes to the location of your home and whether it's important or not depends on a few things such as your home being in a good neighborhood and such can give the impression of a good daycare for potential parents or whether there is a school nearby might be an advantage to you because then you can provide care for preschoolers with for example an after school program.

Are there specific requirements for equipment at my home?

Caring for little ones means teaching and not teaching alone but also making sure that they are learning and playing at the same time because they are at a very young age that they need to enjoy as they are going through this process of learning. What are some of the activities that I need to provide at my daycare? You can provide plenty of activities and that wouldn’t necessarily require you to buy big and expensive equipment for like the playground such as swings and slides or play house. This sort of equipment would most likely be suitable for centers because they have a greater number of students attending the childcare, they run their daycare at a commercial building meaning they have bigger space and can afford these types of equipment easier. As for a home daycare like yours you should mostly be equipped with stuff which don’t take up too much storage so you are most probably going to be good with a table, storage for them to keep their clothes or backpacks, activity mats and toys.

What do I need to know about cleaning?

Health is very important for children especially at early age when they are less careful and don't really know how to protect themselves from germs. You must make sure to keep everything clean and hygienic and should give great effort to reducing the risk of cold and flu. You should do cleaning each week especially clean carefully the tools that are shared by several children and should disinfect toys, matts, chairs, tables. When it comes to cleaning it also requires a clean kitchen because fruits and vegetables too can cause diseases so making sure that meals must be prepared with great care is definitely what you should be careful about.

Do I need any training prior to opening my child care?

As a daycare provider you must first understand whether licensed or not you are required to care for children under safety standards. In order to be able to care for children you must meet the minimum training requirements however you would need to check your State’s regulations to know exactly what type of training is required. Some states require caregivers to know basic health and safety training such as CPR and first aid training but some don’t. To get more information regarding training sessions you can contact local referral agencies.

What are qualifications of a good daycare provider?

You will be spending a great time with kids so you need to know that you must first love children and have the patience to look after them, not only do you need to have the ability but you must also be willing to teach with deliberation. Great skills are important when it comes to caring for children.