What educators need to know about parent-teacher communication

Are we truly aware of how connected we are as teachers, parents, guardians and students with our own school environment? Do we really know the tools that are available for us? How can we use these tools much more efficiently to help the communication between us as educators and parents or are we just waiting to realize the importance of technology in the field of education some day.

What is it that’s keeping us from catching up with the era? Okay maybe not every school nor parent, have the financial capacity and knowledge to stay technologically connect but the question here is are we really doing our best to communicate? Technology these days can really be confusing and even harder each day to catch up with but we need to be aware of the tools so that we can help each other as we educate students.

Do schools have enough bandwidth?

The more bandwidth the more visitors you can get to your site. Within this logic than it means that schools get more traffic. Why would having enough bandwidth or not concern school staff and administrators? First of all not having enough bandwidth can have a negative impact on the educators since online learning and digital books are highly used in classrooms. Therefore does my school have enough bandwidth will become an important question for school principals to ask themselves. They are probably wondering the reasons that lie behind a high capacity bandwidth. It can certainly be mentioned that high capacity bandwidth is important for online tools, for bring your own device to school programs and for example finding a website hosting with unlimited bandwidth is also what you need for your school.

Are tech tools for teachers working?

Teachers use many tech tools to help them connect with students, facilitate class organizations, to keep record of their students, to make their lessons much more fun and exciting, to help students participate more and help them be motivated about the subject. Teachers can find free tools easily over the internet. Some teachers however prefer to stick with the old traditions in educating students. There are many advantages to using tech tools in classrooms especially for K-12 education. It is important to increase focus on technology to your teachers and by investing in these type of equipment or finding ways to motivate your teachers and staff can help achieve greater success for your school.

How involved are parents?

Parent participation within the school borders and parent involvement in a home environment. Parents can take part in school events, activities and the progress of children’s learning in different ways such as volunteering in class activities, organizing events, helping with homework, taking part in sports activities, attending meetings, becoming part of PTA and such. What does parent involvement result in? Increase in motivation, higher grades, increase in class attendance, adapt quicker.

Do students achieve greater knowledge with the technology of the era?

This question deserves the answer yes with no doubt. Technology is increasing the ability to learn and this is happening so fast that we no longer know how and when children know so much at very young age. Although technology is creating great opportunities to motivate young ones, It is also building stronger emphasis in the field of education.

How can the parent-teacher-student triangle get stronger?

Parent and teacher can strengthen their relationship and will find effective ways to build and improve even stronger relations with students. There can be many different ways as to how teachers can make parents get more involved in their children’s education. Here are some examples as to how you can connect with families; sending them invitations to school events, asking them to volunteer for class organizations, keeping them updated about what’s going on at your school by sending newsletters, e-mails or creating a website so they can learn more about the school easier.