Does my daycare need a management software?

How can I benefit from using a software program for my child care?

Your preschool can take advantages of this type of service in various ways. Before finding the most suitable software program for your child care there are a few things you might want to know about for example the different types of school management programs offered, cost, support etc.

What is management software and what types of services can I get?

Child care management software is designed for the use of child care providers to help them manage their daycares and preschools. There are several different types of software services (SAAS) that you can easily find online for your child care center. Before software programs required you to download them on your desktop but now technology brings users faster and easier services and this is called “the cloud model”.

What is SAAS and how does is differ compared to regular software management?

Instead of having to purchase a software product and download it on your desktop you are able to easily access it by simply using a software service on the web. How is that possible? Well now SAAS companies host these child care management services over the internet for you, the services are delivered with less effort because all that is needed to be able to use these services is an Internet connection. Fees are usually based on number of students enrolled at your school and the good part of it is that you wouldn’t need to pay extra fees for other equipment especially when there is a product update.

What are the most popular services used by providers?

Below is a list of software programs, which are mostly preferred by childcare centers and preschools;

  • Tuition management software – To help you manage your finances.
  • Wait list management – You can easily keep track of potential families interested in enrolling to your program.
  • Immunization management – this program will make it easier for you to keep record of vaccines.
  • Parent portal – This portal will securely keep certain school/student info and photos under protection and parents will be able to access with their passwords.
  • Teacher portal – staff communication can also be kept secure with a password protection.
  • Attendance management – Manage your schools attendance by tracking absences easily.
  • Classroom management – boost student engagement with such a software program.
  • Student Information system – Collects student and staff data and allows you to track information related to children, families, contacts, enrollment, absences, immunization and much more.

What are the advantages of using management software for your school?

  1. These programs are user-friendly.
  2. Improves student engagement.
  3. It’s a great way to keep a record of your students billing information, to send them receipts and always track your payments easily.
  4. Saves you a lot of time so you can focus more on your students than spending hours organizing your school’s data.
  5. Teachers can manage classrooms easier for example they can simply take student attendance through these management software systems. These programs can help improve student attendance and take the work load-off teachers.
  6. It’s a great way to connect with your potential parents and guardians who are willing to enroll to your preschool with a waitlist management system. You can welcome new students to your school, you can easily add and update your list by a quick and simple management tool designed for childcares. This is a terrific opportunity to keep record of potential families, with the help of this tool you do not need to worry about keeping tons of papers and files.
  7. These management software programs are easily accessible on browsers and mobile devices. Also giving an opportunity for strong communication amongst parents, teachers and students.
  8. You don’t need to worry about that these management programs are “software” programs and don’t need to think that you are not tech savvy enough or might not have sufficient internet resources at your child care but don’t worry and try to chose a software program which has great tech support like for example live chat or phone support provided unlimited.