Halloween Tips and Ideas for Daycares

Halloween, one of the greatest times of the year to celebrate with your kids at your home daycare, child care center, preschool or maybe even at your high school! Don’t we too as moms, dads, child care providers, teachers, staff and principles just get as excited. For decades maybe there has been going on and on the same old traditions for decoration and celebration but sometimes we need tips. It’s never too late or early to read a little on how, when and where to celebrate this spooky day!

What are some Halloween safety tips to watch out for?

You can organize an event at your daycare to take kids for trick or treating. However before that day arrives you should make sure to give your children some safety information even if you are going to be with them during this fun activity. Safety tips you may need;

  • Children should have costumes that are suitable for moving around easily during this outdoor activity so that they don’t get injured by falling or stepping on their costumes.
  • They should also not be carrying heavy bags so they don’t drop or lose them somewhere. You might want to show them before going for trick or treating how they should take the candies and how they can stand in a line and respect each other.
  • You may set certain rules and require them to follow these so that there won’t any issues during such a big day when it gets all crowded and everybody so excited for the event.
  • Children should know that they must be patient and follow one and other while visiting homes for treats, they must always stick to each other and treats must be checked before eating.
  • Trick or treating doesn’t necessarily require you to visit homes that you do not know or trust at all but you can actually decorate your classrooms and playground so that children can trick or treat from their own teachers.

How can we engage parents to be part of the fun?

You can organize an event at your daycare where educational activities can take place and invite parents too so that they can be part of the party and this can give them the opportunity to help you organize, bring stuff in such as snacks and equipment for decorating as well as allow them to take pictures. Here are some ideas for activities; reading books, you can do spelling using Halloween related words, candy counting, coloring, you can make a paper mache and you can make trick or treat bags before going trick or treating and much more!

Can we make our own costumes at school?

You can easily make your own costumes too by getting together with teachers and volunteer parents. You can first gather some supplies and even ask for parents to bring them in and once you have them you can start to create ideas and all work as a team. Here are the most easiest, affordable and fun costume ideas; superheroe costumes by making capes, masks, bat wings for boys and fairy wings for the girls, witch hat, wind-up key, dinosaur tail, chef hat, Iphone costume, cat costume, donut costume and warrior helmet.

How can I create healthy snacks and treats for kids?

You can use fruits and vegetables and go organic to make it fun and healthy since children are already going to be trick or treating candies and chocolates. Starting off the day with vitamins are definitely going to be what you need at your preschool. Here are some quick and healthy simple inspirational ideas for you and teachers to prepare at the daycare.

  • You can create ghosts and mini pumpkins by using bananas, chocolate chips, tangerines and celery. All you need to do is just give them the perfect shaping.
  • Carve bell peppers and stuff them with cheese there you go Jack O’lantern.
  • Healthy mini carrot cake cupcakes with frosting will be one that kids will enjoy too.
  • You can use grapes to make it look like a spider.
  • Cheese and pretzel sticks can pretty much look like a broom!
  • Cutting apples like monster teeth too will make kids laugh.