How to control chaos at your daycare center?

How to reduce your teachers stress?

Quick ways to relieve stress;

  • Start the day with exercises
  • Post motivational quotes around the school
  • Take a staff break and treat them with goodies
  • Organize a staff lunch once a while
  • Write about your teachers in your newsletter and give them credits
  • Meditation or listening to music can reduce the stress
  • Celebrate all together holidays, birthdays and especially teachers day

How to make learning easier for children without tears?

Children may sometimes show anxiety when being taken away from their parents or may struggle and start crying when taught something new to them. Teachers can play an important role at this point they need to be the comforting zone for both the child and parent. As a teacher, care giver, daycare provider or director you might want to consider using some ideas on how you can make your daycare a place where children will have a smile on their faces during drop offs and actually feel excited at the same time because they going to your preschool to learn new things.

How to encourage children to eat if they are refusing?

Children at very early stage of their lives are still in the process of discovering different tastes such as the food they like or dislike, eating at places other than their homes, being taken care in a new environment and all these can effect their appetite. This process can be difficult since every family and culture is different and kids may be used to what their parents are feeding them with or they might sometimes actually lack the knowledge and may even be allergic to foods.

As a daycare provider and teacher you can first have a conversation with the parents and show sample lunch and snack menus offered at your child care to better take care of children in a safe and loving environment. You must make sure to have parents fill out health and medical forms and pay careful attention to what moms are bringing as nutrition especially in cases where food is being shared among children, therefore it should be taken seriously and make sure to be precautious with possible allergies that may occur based on carelessness.

How to warn parents about the mistakes they are making?

Parents all have different expectations from daycares for their children’s care and education. They can or may not be used to certain rules and procedures. First provide a trouble-free setting in which you will need to clarify each single rule and procedure at your child care center so that parents can rely on it. However, sometimes this will not just be enough and they might be too busy to read about the parent handbook or not notice on a board written at school.

You can come up with ideas like sending tips each week when they come to pick up their children, you can have a parent-teacher meeting with all parents every once a while and talk about child behavioral strategies, you can politely warn parents about late drop off and pick ups by using examples and being positive.

How to prevent germs and sickness at your child care center?

Children can fall sick so easily because they can be susceptible to bacteria and these germs can spread quickly among other kids at the daycare. They are most likely to get sick 5-6 times a year due to sharing toys, having a weak immune system, being at a school environment where they are more exposed to having contact with other kids and using the same surfaces like playground, desks etc. They may also have allergies,

How to stop germs from spreading?

  • Clean hands
  • Healthy foods and juices (use vitamins, organic, fresh ingredients)
  • Immunizations should be complete
  • Cure illness at a early stage
  • Control contamination with other children
  • Disinfect and sanitize equipment and toys