Celebrating thanksgiving at the child care

Teaching children the history of thanksgiving:

What is the importance of this special day celebrated in the United States? Thanksgiving became an official holiday in 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday of November to be celebrated as a national holiday in the U.S. It’s the time of year when people are most thankful for what god has given us, for who we are and being thankful for the people whom we share it with.

Thanksgiving will always be in our very first memories as a day celebrated at the daycare. To teach children the importance of thanksgiving teachers will want to also tell them about the history of how thanksgiving became a holiday celebrated nationwide. You can compare the old time and today’s thanksgiving while explaining them the importance of why we need to be thankful for the blessings god has given us.

A list of thanksgiving traditions to celebrate at the daycare?

  • Organize a mini feast with a few snacks and celebrate with the teachers to thank them.
  • Show children the importance of “helping others”
  • Organize a day of activities and call it the “mini daycare parade” to feel the spirit of a thanksgiving parade of your own.
  • Create a big gratitude turkey tree
  • Make a list of what children should be “thankful for”
  • Give wishbone candy to each child and ask them to make a wish.

Creating a Thanksgiving Theme:

On the very last week of the November, announce the Thanksgiving theme, in which you will have activities take place such as drawing turkeys and do colorings, sing them songs like “ten little turkey’s” or teach them how to do the “turkey” dance for circle time, read them folktales and do easy thanksgiving crafts with toddlers. You can read these books at child care center about thanksgiving for your toddlers; “The story of the pilgrims” by Katharine Ross, “Happy thanksgiving curious George”, “Thanksgiving mice” by Bethany Roberts and “The littlest pilgrim” by Brandi Dougherty and “10 fat turkeys” by Tony Johnston.

Thanksgiving Crafts ideas for preschoolers:

  • Turkey themed paper plates and placemats
  • decorating a huge tree or turkey out of feathers
  • coloring working together will all the children as a team
  • turkey or pilgrim hats
  • handprint thanksgiving craft

Organizing thanksgiving events at your daycare:

Decorate and organize a big event or take children to a field trip: Make a little surprise and prepare a letter from each child to their family in one sentence what they are thankful for and give these out at the event while enjoying a nice celebration of being thankful to God for giving us all the joy and food we have. Ask help of parents and invite them for a feast to celebrate all together.

What are some great movies that I can watch with kids at the daycare?

  • Garfield thanksgiving movie
  • Winnie the pooh
  • Free birds
  • A Charlie brown thanksgiving
  • Alvin and the chipmunks thanksgiving
  • A mouse on mayflower
  • A turkey for thanksgiving