Key to a successful child care tour

Parents calling to tour your daycare are obviously interested. But is it enough? You are just showing your classrooms, lunch and play areas, giving them briefly information about your tuition, daily schedules and explaining how to enroll and your daycare tour is over? Most importantly you need to be aware that a tour is the heart to a success in increasing child enrollment. Taking it seriously should be one of your primary goals because the last thing you want is a parent deciding that they no longer want to enroll at your preschool.

What parents are expecting from your daycare:

Signs of a good daycare:

Parents from the minute they set their foot in the door will be looking for signs whether it’s a good daycare or not. They will be observing your child care such as; reputation, meals and the daily schedule you provide, playground and equipment, health and safety standards, staff and student ratio. Another important thing not to forget is mentioning how careful you are with children with special needs or who need extra care and maybe want to point this out as well because there might be families who like to hear that before asking you

Student-teacher ratio is something families are interested in learning about because they want to know how much care their children are going to be get if they attend your preschool. They usually do not prefer to put their kids in classrooms where a teacher is taking care of half of the children enrolled at the daycare. Therefore they are going to want to know class sizes and if you are already offering small classes you should mention that so you start one point ahead of your competitors.

Welcoming staff:

Some children tend to have difficulties in getting use to a new place therefore teachers approach is quite important. Children miss their moms and home during the day and for making the daycare a much more comforting place teachers should must be careful because when parents are on a tour of the child care their first encounter with the staff will be important.

Clean classrooms:

Pillows, blankets, toys, playground and every other equipment used for the care and learning of a child at the preschool must be cleaned and kept hygiene at all times and in every occasion for health and safety reasons of children attending the child care. Sickness and illness is something children catch pretty quickly and when rendering the fact that they spend at least half the day at an environment full of classmates spreading of germs and passing illness to each other especially since they use same toys becomes a lot easier. Parents are definitely going to pay attention to the toys and playground available for their children so make sure to not expose children to playing with old and dirty equipment and invest effectively in your daycare supplies and materials for a cleaner, healthier and safer atmosphere where kids can play with no fear.

What makes you different:

Always think and ask yourself and as well as asking your daycare staff regarding the qualities of what makes your daycare a special place. Ask questions like why do families keep referring us and what is it that we offer makes us stand out when compared to other child cares in our neighborhood. Okay this is kind of a tough question but yet has an easy answer. Is it because you care for quality education that you keep improving your teaching skills? Is it because you are always taking precautions for a better and safer place? Is it because you are investing in new equipment? Is it because you provide healthy meals? Is it because you are always keeping parents in the loop? or Is it because you are keeping up with technology? Whatever your answer is, you know what makes you different and you know that parents are going to be looking for that answer so make sure to give them the right signals.


Leaving their children in a safe environment is maybe one of the first qualifications a guardian is looking for when touring a child care facility or home daycare to find the perfect daycare for their family. Safety not only means whether the building is equipped enough to prevent danger like fire or flooding but mostly it means that a daycare must require a caring and quality staff, healthy meals and especially a place where children can be left at a secure and peaceful environment when a child is dropped off at the preschool with tears in his or her eyes.

How you can make it an unforgettable experience:

Give parents gifts

Parents and guardians after taking a tour at your daycare are sure going to enjoy a cute gift such as stuff like; pens, cups, key chains etc. especially if it has your logo and school’s name printed on it. Who doesn’t like a free gift and this sure can create a little connection between your child care and potential parents because gifts always make people feel special when offered in return of a thank you for considering your daycare and taking their time to visiting your home daycare.

Follow up frequently:

Keeping in touch is a secret key to successfully running a daycare business whether a home or center based child care. Let’s say parents sign up for your waiting list and you received an application fee from them to reserve a spot. So when calling or emailing parents they are going to feel like they are being cared and that you did not forget them since waiting in line to get what you want is not anything fun. Therefore, when you create a safe bond with guardians they are definitely going to feel more excited that they are waiting for a daycare where they are being treated nicely.

Communication with parents can be in several ways; you may send emails during holidays, make calls to keep them posted about their status etc. following up has a benefit to you as the director/owner of the daycare as well as for the families. For care providers you will be making sure that parents on your waiting list are still interested and for parents you will just make the process smoother.

Communicate with teachers and act like a team:

Operating a successful child care business lies the fact that you the owner or daycare director are able to manage your staff and make decisions as a team. You first need to be able to effectively implement this message to all of the teachers. If you can manage to spread the energy that you are organized and have the ability to act like a team parents will feel comfortable in choosing your child care because they will know that their kids are going to be taken care of in a calm environment.

Chose a person to run the tours and set a certain time for tours:

When accepting new families for touring your daycare you want to give them the best first impression you can therefore having the same staff member giving tours is going to help to keep you more organized and make it easier for that staff to focus on presenting your daycare to potential parents. You may chose to welcome parents for taking a look at your daycare but you might want to determine tour hours ahead to make it a better experience because you don’t want to wake kids up and you don’t want to look less organized.