Toddler Christmas Party Tips

How to organize your daycare christmas party

You can organize a Christmas party for kids depending on the activities you want to offer kids, treats you'd like to share with parents and how long you want the event to last. Here are some ideas when preparing for a fabulous Christmas party; You can organize a Christmas lunch and kids can enjoy a fun day during normal daycare hours meaning parents will be picking up/dropping off kids at regular times, You can also invite parents to join in for some snacks while giving children their Christmas presents.

You may also choose to organize a longer party and welcome children after the usual daycare hours therefore you will have the kids over for a Christmas dinner maybe instead of a lunch, this way you can organize a movie night after dinner. This might actually be a great idea especially if you are running a home daycare because it will definitely allow parents to enjoy a night out without children and they can go Christmas shopping etc. Let's assume you are running a half day child care center then you might like to consider giving a breakfast/brunch Christmas party, where you can enjoy a great morning especially first starting off with a good meal in the morning will give children lots of energy for the rest of the day and you can have them picked up in the afternoon.

Delicious meals and snacks for your Christmas party

Below is a list of Kid-friendly snacks and meal ideas which you may be inspired or choose from:

  • Frosty the snowman bagels (cream cheese, olives, carrots etc. to decorate)
  • cheerios Christmas tree for breakfast,
  • pb&j reindeer sandwiches,
  • Santa hats from marshmallow and strawberries,
  • tree made of fruits for lunch time,
  • Tree shaped pizza with vegetables
  • Snowman pancakes
  • Kids would also like traditional recipes like ham and potato salad and a christmas pudding for dessert
  • hot chocolate and popcorn while watching a movie,

How to start your Christmas decoration

Best way to start feeling the spirit at your daycare is of course by making handcrafted decorations, hanging on the classroom walls, building a Christmas tree, sending parents your December newsletter with details about what you have planned for your Christmas event (lunch, activities, movies, snacks, whether parents are welcome, equipment or gifts accepted etc.) Spread the joy as you are saying goodbye to the most wonderful time of the year as it’s approaching to an end. Making cards for moms and dads and sending them home with kids is also a cute gift for making a start as well as using christmas lights to decorate your home or daycare building.

Christmas activities to enjoy at your daycare

Arts& Crafts ideas: Create Christmas tree ornaments and use photos for your ornaments and hang them on your school Christmas tree, Paper Christmas tree, create a snowman by using shaving cream and glue, make paper elf hats, gingerbread house from cardboard, create santa beard, beaded candy cane ornaments and much more, haven't you started yet?