The Pros And Cons of Bring Your Own Device To School (BYOD)

Curiosity for children begins at very early age especially nowadays when we are surrounded with incredibly developed new technological programs. How is it possible to not expect such a curiosity from our kids too? When as adults we are being fascinated about technological advancements more each and every day. How could children not be interested in discovering technology when they have such a big imagination world? Well parents and educators are here to help solve the question marks in their heads. At home children are taught to use some technological stuff but it doesn’t go any further than just using technology for daily activities.

Educators on the other hand have been improving their programs and designing curriculums specifically for student needs in the field of technology. So this requires as a conclusion for schools to keep up with technology so that they can become more productive in child development. Whether at preschool or high school students show big interest in discovering technological advancements and this has been nowadays leading schools to consider whether or not to carry more technology into classrooms. Some schools have already started using BYOD in class while some still have doubts. I’ve listed some of the most important pros and cons about applying BYOD in classrooms.

Advantages Of BYOD In Classrooms

Students will learn how to use educational programs besides just using smartphones for texting or ipads for playing games. Teachers can use social learning tools so that students can learn as they have fun. Over time students can discover that there is actually a quite big world of technology full of programs designed specifically for them to help them on their future lives.

Helps prepare students for a successful career. Previous basic knowledge will likely help them be prepared with more confidence during the early stages of their careers. Also can guide them in finding the perfect career since they will have the opportunity to learn how as they trial and error in writing, research, reading. So they can get a better idea of their skills and have ideas about what they are more capable of or what most interests them.

Improves students writing skills. Most likely will help increase student interest and ability in writing. Students can for example create blogs and as they do this they will notice an online audience and will result in them giving more effort to developing their skills. It can boost creativity and give courage to students.

Teachers can actually teach skills not taught in classrooms. They can develop new and interesting skills and not just stick with outdated skills.

Disadvantages Of BYOD In Classrooms

Affording these devices might not be easy for every parent. Students might not be able to buy these devices. Although technological devices tend to be dazzling, it can sometimes cause financial difficulties for both parents and schools. Since some families will not be able to buy these for their kids, school might need to supply these devices so that students can have an option to lease.

Improvement in Network services. Schools might need to upgrade their network services to more powerful ones and all these devices might cause overload so you would want to avoid trouble.

Distraction from class subject. Might cause students to have trouble focusing teachers might not easily understand and prevent whether students are actually learning or just hanging out in their social media accounts.

Teachers would need to have enough knowledge about technology and thus might cause schools to provide workshops to help prepare their educators for BYOD. Also might cause teachers extra responsibilities so at this point IT can provide support and take the pressure off them by checking and fixing problems caused by student use of these devices. However that will mean IT department costs to increase.