Tips For An Effective Flyer For Your Child Care Business

If you are starting a new child care business and need some ideas for advertising or already in the business and need some successful marketing strategies then flyers might just be what you are looking for. Flyers have long been great for advertising businesses of all kind. Here you can find tips on how to design an awesome flyer for your child care.

Write an awesome content

  • Create an awesome headline to start off. Your headline should be catchy. It’s the first thing that will get the attention of your audience.
  • Choose an image for your flyer because usually that’s how people are going to remember you. Use a single image or maybe like 2-3 small images the most. Visual images can usually be easier to remember especially if you are starting a new child care business so it might be better if you try to use an image.
  • Use the right fonts and colors. You can use bold letters for your call to action and maybe bigger fonts for your catchy headline. As for colors, you should pay attention and use colors that work together. You can go with contrasting colors or maybe watch for colors you chose because colors have meanings that affect human psychology and you want to make sure to get their attention so do your research well.

Think like a parent

  • Don’t just focus on increasing your number of students because while doing that you don’t want to give the wrong impression instead you want your potential parents to feel that they can actually trust your school and benefit from the education that you are offering.
  • Avoid parents to feel under pressure, try to get their attention but know your limits because if you fail to do so you are most probably not going to succeed easily.

Keep it short

  • Use easy and clear short phrases as you are explaining how parents and children can take advantages of your programs offered at your child care. Be direct and don’t lose time with long explanations. Try to get to your point quickly.
  • Use your own unique sentences. Don’t let it be one of those standard flyers.

Call to action

  • You must call the potential parents to action. Otherwise your flyer is going to be ineffective. This is a must! So for example one of the most used call to actions is giving out your phone number and using words like “call for a free tour today.” Here you are being direct and making them feel they should act quickly. So giving them a sense of urgency is a great way of calling to action.

Catch parents attention

  • You can use offers. It’s another method most businesses use so if you have any offers or discounts for siblings for example you should include it. Parents are going to like it.

Know your competition

  • Don’t forget that you have competitors and you are competing against them. Another good idea might be to have a look at their flyers beforehand. It can give you ideas on how you can be different that can help you for a successful flyer.

Must proofread

  • Make sure to proofread. So take your time and prepare something that is actually going to get you to potential parents than just wasting your time and having minimal results.

Finishing off your flyer

  • Give your contact information at the bottom and your done. Good luck!