How To Motivate Teachers By Using Technology

Being an educator can be fun and exciting by it’s definitely not an easy job. It requires teachers to have patience, professional management skills and many more. We can’t always expect teachers to be self-motivated with a smile on their face all the time can we? Are we really aware of how they actually feel outside classrooms? Do we really know if they are motivated enough?

Well it is true that they self-motivate themselves but its not always easy for teachers they too need motivation sometimes from students sometimes from parents but maybe the most effective motivation comes from their school principals. So dear principals I have written some tips for you on how to motivate your teachers in the field of technology but first let’s just talk about the classic motivation techniques and how we can turn them into ideas with the developing age of technology.

Thank your teachers

It’s just all about being grateful and appreciating in return with one of the most magical two words “thank you.” Maybe we are not aware but these words to have their powerful meaning sometimes it shows its power in a greeting card sometimes in a letter or maybe with a gift. It has long been used for many occasions and I suggest we still use it because its still one of the best ways to motivate someone. One of the first ways to motivate your teachers can be by thanking them with a little help of technology use social media, you can thank your teachers by sending them emails, or writing posts on their social media accounts, such as posting funny and inspiring videos on their Facebook pages or tweeting quotes for them on your twitter accounts, sharing articles or photos through Pinterest.

Be creative

Creativity doesn’t always require hours of work, it just requires to spare a little time for your staff with a touch of creativity you can produce out of the ordinary. These days we all use smartphone or tablets right and there are a ton of apps for every purpose? Yes? So why not just give it a little creativity, you can have fun as you create and maybe participation of students would be even more exciting. Okay so if you are ready to be creative here’s an idea for you then, you can prepare a video about your teachers and share it on your school’s Facebook page with the help of students, this way not only will you be thanking them but it will give a chance for all your staff members, parents and even students to see your post, they can give likes and comment.

Motivate with inspiration

Teachers do more than just teaching subjects from the curriculum they teach with passion and experience. They put their hearts and souls for preparing young ones to become well educated adults. You can help teachers by writing motivational messages to them. You can for example create a page on your website and write inspirational quotes or give them any message you like addressing them directly. Also you can arrange a meeting and speak with them one-on-one and hear what they really need . This way you will make them feel special and they will feel more confident.

Provide professional development

Advances in technology and subjects changing with time require educators to keep up as well. To keep students interest high and learning developing first educators need to keep up with the new age of technology. For a better learning environment, teachers require to be trained. It’s important that you give them the support and training needed for progress. You can provide them the technological support (prof development) they would need to improve. This way they can learn to use new stuff for their classrooms. You can provide workshops and introduce teachers new educational software programs, which they can use in their classrooms. Professional development training can be given once a month with sessions organized to all teachers and given by an expert in the field of technology or maybe a non-professional information session organized once every week and so teachers can share their thoughts with one and other and can help them to motivate and will help them exchange knowledge and they can observe what other teachers are doing for their classrooms and students.

Economic support in classrooms

As explained above professional development is a must however it’s also important to make sure teachers working conditions are good enough as well. So try to improve their working conditions such as providing economic support so they have the equipment they would need for their classrooms like pens, pencils, books etc. Also encourage and provide them economically so they can feel more comfortable in using technological tools such as digital textbooks or can maybe support the idea of bring your own device to school programs. Basically give them the motivation so they can create their schedules, write homework and exams.