Mission & Vision Statement Tips For Your Child Care

Writing a mission & vision statement for your childcare is actually going to be your opportunity to share your school’s purpose and goals with existing and potential parents, teachers and students. You should make sure to carefully consider on what to include in your writing. Below you can find suggestions to help you on writing your statement effectively.

Explain your purpose and goals

First of all you can start by giving a brief explanation of the environment of your school. You want your readers to rely on the safety and quality of your child care. Explain your vision as an institution and the factors that set your purpose and how you expect students to take advantages from your these purposes. Focus on what it is that you want to inform them about. Talk about your motives.

Describe the programs your school offers

Talk about programs offered at your school and how these programs have been developed for student education and what exactly is it that you want to provide through these services. You should clearly state within your beliefs which method of education you have adopted and are following for your student’s education. When you talk about your programs you should talk about for whom it is actually suitable for and specifically inform them on how these programs will help students who attend your school achieve success. You may also give some success story examples of students who graduated from your child care, this might help parents give a little idea on your mission and vision statements success.

Observe parent and student needs

You should consider listening to parents and observing students before writing your statement because they are the reason you are writing your statement. Always make sure to focus on the needs of parents. So you must first understand them then you can find solutions on how to reach them. So you should not forget their expectations as you write your statement. Prepare a survey and send it to parents so you can understand their expectations better, this will help you get their opinions quicker. Also you can talk about how you provide opportunities for parent involvement in the process of their children’s education.

What is important for you as a child care director

So you already explained your goals and purposes but might also want to talk a little about your goals and contributions as the director of your school. You can take advantages from your professional career and previous experiences with parents and students to help clarify your school’s mission easier.

Ask your staff for their opinion

You can ask your teachers questions and get their feedback, which will help facilitate while writing your mission & vision statement. You are going to want to benefit from their opinions because teachers spend a lot of time with kids and they get to observe children’s behaviors, needs, emotions and so on. It’s important that you get your staff’s support, it will guide you to succeed in writing your statement.