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Childcare Website + CRM
I want a brand new website with family inquiry and tour request features.
Childcare CRM
I want to receive family inquiries and tour requests using existing school website.
Childcare CRM
Collect Family Inquiries & Tour Requests Online
How does it work
Families Request Tours
Pudink adds special button to your website. Using that button, families can inquire and request tours based on their preferred center location and your tour schedule.
Confirm or Reschedule The Tour
You will be notified when families inquire or request a tour. Confirm or reschedule the tour using the control panel, and family will get an email with the tour details.
Follow-up via Text-Messages
Reach the family via text messages before and after the tour to follow up on their decision. With two-way text messaging answer their questions or help them with the enrollment process
All The Features You Need
Guardian & Student Data
Communication History
2-way Text Messages
Waitlist Management
Location Specific Tour Schedules
Email Notifications
Multi-location Support With Maps
Integrated Into Existing Website
Don't Miss a Single Lead
Access all family, tour, waitlist information you need using a web-based control panel.
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