Child Care CRM

Let Parents Schedule Tours On Your Website

Integrate Pudink into your website with a simple change

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Collect family enrollment applications through your website by simply adding a link to the inquiry page.

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Easily group and manage new applicants through waitlists you create.

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Schedule and keep track of upcoming daycare tours with parents, so that staff is on the same page.

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Communication Logs

Calls, emails and visits record all interactions you have with the family.

Browser family dashboard

Everything in One Place

Easily view the family details such as student & guardian information, communication logs, past/upcoming tours.

Keep track of the 'Next Step'

Record what needs to be done next and simply browse families based on their next action.

Turn Your Online Presence into a Lead Generation Machine

Facebook, Twitter, your website, etc.. are now the tools that will work for you

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Pudink childcare crm integrates with your current website. Simply change one line of code on your website and Pudink will start collecting family inquiries via your website.

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How many inquiries do you currently collect via your Facebook page? Pudink childcare crm also integrates with your Facebook page, turning your online presence into a free marketing tool.

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Pudink integrates with your online social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more.

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