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In order to increase enrollment for your school first you should understand the main issues parents encounter during their search for a preschool. I’m going to talk to you about what they really want to know about your school and how this can guide you to achieve better results in your enrollment process.
Technology use leads school principals to focus more on their online presence. One of the most effective ways to keep up with this age of technology is to take the advantages of creating a website because it’s a powerful way to maximize branding. In spite the fact that building a website has many pros to it, managing it brings lots of mistakes to it.
Curiosity about technology starts at a very early stage in the minds of young children and comes to a point where technologic devices are actually being used in classrooms. It might sound a bit confusing at first but it's true schools are in fact encouraging the use of technology in classes. One of the biggest trending topics for a while has been whether students should be able to bring their own devices to school or not and how the results are going to show effects on learning.
If you are starting a new child care business and need some ideas for advertising or already in the business and need successful marketing strategies then flyers might just be what you are looking for. Flyers have long been great for advertising businesses of all kind. Here you can find tips on how to design an awesome flyer for your child care.
Tips on how school principals can motivate their teachers by using technology for a healthier environment.
Find out how you can describe your school's objectives with helpful hints from our blog. Remember all you need is a good mission and vision statement to clearly state your school's values, goals and purposes.
Newsletters are great way to advertise and market your child care business. In this article, I will share tips and samples on using newsletters effectively to communicate with parents.
Whether operating a home daycare or child care center to succeed in growing your business you need to consider the right marketing strategies for your business.
Download and use these free child care newsletter templates for communicating effectively with parents.
Wondering how you can become licensed and protect children,parents and your passion for your child care business?
Learn how you can improve your online presence by using free marketing tools to increase your daycares ranking in search results.
In this blog you can find what you should include when preparing a parent handbook guide for your daycare. Below are the most important subjects, which need to be mentioned in your childcare's handbook guide.
Discover how you can begin your own child care at your home without worrying about where to get started, this blog is to help you learn the basic requirements of what it takes to run a daycare.
When making plans for your new business and calculating your financial goals you might get stuck at the beginning and ask yourself where you need to get started.
Are we truly aware of how connected we are as teachers, parents, guardians and students with our own school environment? Do we really know the tools that are available to us?
You can easily download and edit these daycare forms for your family home daycare, child care center or preschool.
Managing your preschool, taking care of children at your daycare and spending hours looking after infants at your child care can be tough sometimes and you might be feeling like you don’t have the energy to do any office work. Have you ever thought about child care software to give you the power to manage your school?
Halloween is here and we love this time of year. As teachers and daycare providers we might need some tips on how we can make it more joyful by reading this blog and learning about how to make your own costumes at school, how to make parents part of the experience, what snacks to prepare and most importantly what safety steps to be taken before trick or treating.
A day at a daycare can be stressful when teachers are running around and children refusing to eat, crying at drop-off or feeling sick and all these can cause chaos but learning how to manage all of this can help reduce the stress and make your child care a happy place again.
To treat one must first understand what “Special needs” means. Giving extra care to children with disabilities (behavioral, physical, etc.) and providing them a safe and nurturing environment. Not only do we need to understand the meaning but everyone else at the daycare center also needs to be able to act upon the meaning of the word “special needs”.
Remembering to give thanks and teaching gratitude is how teachers and children celebrate a very special thanksgiving at daycare. How has your preparation been going? Need any ideas about organizing a thanksgiving event at your child care?
When it comes to daycares the word "waitlist" can have different meanings for parents such as planning ahead and keeping applications organized for child care directors. Both requiring time and process to better understand how to manage easily read to learn what tips we have for you.
Parents and guardians are looking to enroll their children at daycare all the time but doesn't necessarily mean they are going to choose your child care unless you understand their needs and expectations and are able to offer a great experience at your child care. Learn more about how you can improve your daycare tour and register more families.
Christmas celebration yay! A reason to decorate and organize an event at the daycare and enjoy great snacks while making arts & crafts with the kids and sharing great moments with families to join as well. Yes, this exciting time of year is around the corner and we want to share tips on how you can decorate and make this christmas joyful for your child care home or center.
Dear daycare owners, directors and managing staff members wondering how you can manage and improve your daycare's organizational skills without getting all crazy about how to efficiently manage time at your busy child care? You need to start with basic management tips in order to succeed in time management.
Do you know how you can get more infants and toddlers enrolled to your daycare whether running a child care facility or an In-home daycare
Infants and toddlers ability to learn and understand what's going around them as well as build healthier and stronger physical and cognitive abilities pass through activities thought at daycare.